Check Out These Development Opportunities in Riverside, OH!

Check Out These Development Opportunities in Riverside, OH! Main Photo

26 Apr 2021

 Riverside, OH, has some exciting new development opportunities for businesses who are looking for a prime location! Located in Montgomery County, OH, Riverside is offering properties to growing businesses at very affordable prices! Riverside is located near the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, giving businesses another competitive advantage. This makes it an ideal location for any business, both big and small!

Riverside is also home to a strong defense contractor network, elite technology companies, and other technology businesses in the fields of aerospace and cybersecurity. Our city currently has approximately 11 acres of property that is available for development to businesses! To view our city’s current priority properties site selectors and business owners can visit our website. Here users are given in-depth information on each available property and find the one the fits best with their business needs. Click here to view the affordable and sustainable priority properties here in Riverside today!