The City of Riverside Encourages Community Engagement

The City of Riverside Encourages Community Engagement Main Photo

2 Mar 2022


Community: A group of people in a particular area. The City of Riverside is the area and YOU are one of the people. Whether you live here, work here, own a business here, volunteer here, socialize here, visit here, YOU create our community.

The City of Riverside is in the initial planning phase of updating its Comprehensive Land Use Plan. This plan is an opportunity to pause, take stock and develop a clear road map for growth and investment. Last updated in 2005, once properly executed, this plan will help define the best use of city resources as requested and suggested by the people. 

Ways to Engage

Community engagement enables better understanding of diverse demands and intentions. In order to learn the community’s vision and assure inclusivity, the City of Riverside must hear from the community. This open communication will help ensure development, growth and improvements align with the community’s vision for the next 10-plus years. 

There are two ways to share your ideas and comments:

  1. Visit our Activities Page which allows you to share based on a specific area or complete a survey. We thank those who have already started the process. 
  2. Attend the Community Kick-Off Meeting. Socialize with your community and add your voice to the conversation. Socialization builds stronger bonds. Optional Registration

Improve Your Community

Think Big RiversideThe City of Riverside has other ways for civic-minded residents, business owners and visitors to participate in community improvement efforts. The areas listed are volunteer-based. While there is no monetary compensation, there is an elation in knowing you helped enrich the community. 

There is a benefit in the knowledge acquired from such a volunteer position. Future economists and politicians can use this volunteer opportunity to help guide their career aspirations. Click on our Volunteer Opportunities page to apply for one of the areas noted:

  • Personnel Appeals Board
  • Health & Safety Commission
  • Board of Zoning Appeals
  • Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Board of Tax Appeals
  • Property Maintenance Appeals Board

Community feedback is an essential part of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan as well as being a foundation for our democracy. Why not lend your voice and ideas to your community? Why not do what you can to improve your community now and for the future? We encourage you to volunteer now, and when the time comes, your children will either carry the torch or simply thank and appreciate your efforts.