Riverside, Ohio - A Destination for Entrepreneurs & Startups

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7 Sep 2022


The City of Riverside offers both a low cost of living and a high quality of life. In addition, the workforce costs less than in major metropolitan areas. Entrepreneurs and small business startups will find locating in Riverside has many advantages not found in a larger metropolitan area. Lower property and leasing costs, a substantial workforce pool from six regional universities and colleges and the city’s proximity to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB), creates opportunities for businesses looking to launch a new business and/or contract with the military.

Resourceful Location, Location, Location

It adds a level of pride when an American city is located so close to one of its military bases. It adds a level of confidence when residents and the workforce benefits from being located so close to an American military base. Riverside carries this pride and confidence, well being situated next to Ohio’s largest employer, (WPAFB). 


Current missions at WPAFB are the projected growth in the next 10 years, providing entrepreneurs the opportunity to launch a business and prosper. Riverside is the ideal location for startups specializing in aerospace, research and development, technology, and professional services. Entrepreneurs will find business support and a robust network into the technology ecosystem in and around WPAFB. 

Riverside is home to the Wright Brothers Institute, “The Innovation Runway for the United States Air Force.” WBI provides the service to connect an entrepreneur's technological ideas with the Department of the Air Force - Air Force Research Lab (AFRL). 

Both WBI and WPAFB Educational Outreach Program support military retirees and engineers, transitioning from the military to the civilian sector. These partnerships help Riverside capture the experience and skills valuable to an entrepreneur launching the next big idea and assist in navigating the aerospace network. 

Our local and state workforce program partners understand the staffing crisis and continue to refine practices to retain and attract the talent and skillsets required to fill current and future workforce demands.

Riverside works with four regional programs that outline a pathway for employers to hire talent from over 45 institutions of higher learning:

With such options designed to help strengthen our workforce, the City of Riverside is focused on helping entrepreneurs, startups and local businesses succeed. 


Working from home may not be an option for everyone. While retail and restaurant business models continue to adapt, entrepreneurs and startups will find affordable ‘brick and mortar’ options to make their dreams reality:

  • Restaurateurs - we encourage diversity to join our restaurant row
  • Fitness, Health & Wellness
  • Professional Services

Whether you want to open a restaurant, tea parlor, or yoga studio, Riverside has the affordable space to hang your ‘NOW OPEN’ sign. Join our local businesses who continue to find success from the thousands of commuters and annual million-plus visitors to the National Museum of the United States Air Force and WPAFB. 

Available PropertiesService-based entrepreneurs and startups also benefit from available commercial offices in a saturated market. Riverside has ample office space and commercial property available. New business owners know when the home office is limiting operations and success. Riverside’s space options include traditional and flex-space with many property owners open to both leasing and selling. 

Current Offerings:

Consider Relocation

If you are wondering about the way-of-life after working all day, consider these facts:

  • Riverside is a day’s drive of America’s majority population
  • The cost of living is 76% of the national average
  • Our amenities are high-valued
  • Good schools for budding new families

Riverside is ready and waiting for the entrepreneur and startup wanting a different scenery while creating the avenue for their dreams to come true.

CLICK HERE to find additional space. We also have vacant land ranging from square feet to 10 acres for the entrepreneur or startup wanting to build from the ground up. Contact Lori Minnich at 937-233-1801 ext. 250 or email lminnich@riversideoh.gov