Riverside Has Flex Office Space for E-health

Riverside Has Flex Office Space for E-health Main Photo

28 Sep 2022


Two industries have become one due to their direct connections with modern technology. With the advancement of technology, the shift in healthcare and life sciences also advanced. The way patients communicate with their doctors, medical procedures, medical devices, expedient lab/test results, all enhanced due to modern technology. Because of the technological boom, the healthcare and life sciences field is a multi-billion dollar per year industry.

South Ohio has prominent, well-established healthcare facilities and networks already in place. From the award-winning Dayton’s Children’s Hospital to the private Riverview Health Institute hospital, and four hospitals/medical centers in between, along with a strong provider network and Dayton’s Physicians Network, patients have extensive access to strengthen their wellness and quality of life. And still, there is room for more. 

Office Buildings for Healthcare and Life Sciences

According to Area Development, “office buildings can satisfy the sector’s unflagging demand for space.” Their solution to space needs are: 

  • Dry labs leasing space in office buildings
  • Landlords tweaking and refurbishing office buildings to accommodate the needs of life sciences’ wet lab demands
  • Offering open floor plan layouts with cozy and relaxing break rooms. 

Riverview Health InstituteThe shift to be a more patient-focused ecosystem led to an increase in the digital footprint. “Life sciences and healthcare organizations need to be able to handle and analyze many diverse sets of health data in order to manage long-term and often complex patient health journeys and optimize outcomes. Complex and mission-critical data models for demographics, clinical and medical records, diagnoses, therapeutic treatments and medications, lab results, and more are needed to handle these data,” Cambridge Semantics

Such an increase adds to the space concern as companies look to expand their call centers, legal and IT departments. Progressive moves require aggressive actions in securing shared data. Companies needing to expand their servers to collect, manage and analyze tons of patient data can benefit leasing office space and office buildings to having call centers, legal and IT servers centralized.

Riverside Has Space

The City of Riverside recognizes and understands the healthcare and life sciences need for space. Combined with our diverse and skilled workforce, we offer the following office buildings for lease with enough square footage to accommodate dry lab, wet lab, call center, legal, IT and R&D needs:

Companies will be closer to the patients they help, elevating the patient-focused experience. Contact Lori Minnich at 937-233-1801 x250 for more information.