Riverside Connects Businesses with a Strong Infrastructure

Riverside has a robust infrastructure and utility system that supports local businesses, the Air Force Museum and operations at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

gas/eletric iconGas & Electric

Vectren and Dayton Power & Light Company (DP&L) supply full-service electrical and natural gas utilities in Riverside and throughout the Greater Dayton area. Both consistently rank among the top 10 utilities across the nation in productivity and efficiency. They offer cash rebates and discounts on energy-efficient products to both business and residential customers.

water iconWater

The City of Riverside is served by the Montgomery County Water District: exceptional water quality and supply and some of the cheapest water rates in the country. The region’s 500-square-mile underground aquifer holds 1.5 trillion gallons and is continually replenished.

phone/internet iconTelecommunications

Riverside businesses have access to fiber optics both dedicated and public T1 and T3 lines. Leading communication companies have located in Riverside recognizing the significance in Big Data analytics to remain competitive and meet the technology demands of the Wright Patterson Air Force Base.